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2019 Summer Tech Boot Camp
North Central Kansas Technical College

Teacher / Tech Director Information

During camp we hope students will be able to explore the world of Information Technology.  We want instructors to attend with their students to begin to create a great Tech Aid program in your school.  This camp will allow you to bond with, and begin to establish working relationships with your students.

We believe students can gain valuable knowledge and skills that will help them to develop into productive individuals who can go back to their high school and possibly be an asset to their Technology Directors or become Tech Aids.

This experience can help them to recognize the many areas of Information Technology and can lead students into a college that teaches hands-on curriculum in a two year associate degree field.  Most students graduating from NCKTC are attaining jobs in their Information Technology area within 9 months of graduating from college.

We also enable students to graduate and transfer to a four-year college where they can attain their bachelor's degree in their field of choice.

Students will also work in team environments working on projects.  This enriched learning experience allows slow students to gain valuable confidence while leaning on the knowledge of the instructors and fellow students.  This environment also allows students to work on their leadership skills to help them to gain more confidence to step up and make a difference in their school.

The Instructors are caring, down-to-earth instructors who have the best interest of their students at heart.

Upon completion of the camp students may be awarded membership into the NCKTC Technical Honor Student Program and receive a two-year scholarship in the amount of $1000, $500, or $250 which they may apply toward a two-year degree in Advanced Computer Information Technology.

Students may also take and receive two undergraduate credits in ACIT 103 Applied Computer Concepts.  A student is required to complete the four days of camp and five additional hours of computer / network maintenance in their local school or community.  Course credit will be awarded upon completion of requirements.  While at camp we will complete the necessary documents for course credit, and grades will be transcript once hours are received from the supervising instructor.

Certification can also be taken during camp.  Most students will be comfortable with taking the MTA Exam upon completion of the four days of camp or they may come back to the college to complete A+ certification after further training and experience is attained. 

Above all, students will create life long friends in areas where they have a passion.  These friends can be from the same schools or schools from communities across the state of Kansas.

If this sounds like the opportunity of a life-time ENROLL NOW.

If you have questions please contact Jason Rinaldo at 785.738.9070 or jrinaldo@ncktc.edu